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Edoardo Colzani Designs

Edoardo Colzani Designs

Today's featured designer is Edoardo Colzani. Edoardo Colzani is the creator of iconic designs such as Talento Unlimited and Globe.

We had the rare opportunity to interview the exalted designer Edoardo Colzani who was recently announced as the Designer of the Day by the A' Design Award and Competition. Edoardo Colzani is the creator of iconic designs such as Talento Unlimited and Globe. We got exclusive answers to our questions about Edoardo Colzani's designs and design philosophy.
Edoardo Colzani, how did you become a designer?
Edoardo Colzani: I was born in a family that is based on furniture design in Brianza, the heart of furniture, design, and art. I didn't study Industrial Design in the beginning, I have studied law and then I decided to become a designer. I decided to design products and started my studies 18 years ago.
Edoardo Colzani Designs
Edoardo Colzani, what are your priorities, technique, and style when designing?
Edoardo Colzani: During my thoughts about new product design, first of all I think about the use of my product, trying to expand it and removing the superfluous, bring my new product to its simple life. When I think of a new project, I always try to do a little sample or model of the product, in order to realize it's real benefits...
Edoardo Colzani, which emotions do you feel when designing?
Edoardo Colzani: When I design or when I'm thinking of a new project, I really feel like a child, I'm very excited about the result and about the impact on the market that my new product could have...

Edoardo Colzani, what particular aspects of your background shaped you as a designer?
Edoardo Colzani: As I mentioned before, I was born in a family involved in the furniture business; my dad and my mom were working in two different important firms in the period in which the furniture design in Italy was very important. That's why, from the beginning, I lived in a closed relationship with this wonderful world...
Edoardo Colzani Designs
Edoardo Colzani, what is your growth path? what are your future plans? what is your dream design project?
Edoardo Colzani: As a designer, I started some years ago to design kid toys. At this moment I don't have time and resources to produce myself the line of this toy, but it is my actual dream: to bring this project from my mind to reality and to market...
Edoardo Colzani, what are your advice to designers who are at the beginning of their career?
Edoardo Colzani: I really think that first of all, designers should base their work on enthusiasm. If there is no passion, I think that there is no way to succeed...

Edoardo Colzani, you are truly successful as a designer, what do you suggest to fellow designers, artists, and architects?
Edoardo Colzani: I think that at this moment, I'm really satisfied as a designer especially after the project that allows me to win a Gold A design Award. I really think that, when you work as a designer, product, graphic or something else, it is very important to express, in a very simple way, a concept and a solution to a market request. ...
Edoardo Colzani Designs
Edoardo Colzani, what is your day to day look like?
Edoardo Colzani: First of all, during my first cup of coffee of the day, I read news about design and architecture. Trying to elaborate on news, tendencies, and every new design feature in the world...
Edoardo Colzani, how do you keep up with the latest design trends? to what extent do design trends matter?
Edoardo Colzani: I take my inspiration from everywhere. It is really important to analyze every single aspect in the world or in your lifestyle moment and every single piece that I project respect a particular mood that I can define as "simple but gorgeous". With many details, the value of the project increases ...
Edoardo Colzani Designs
Edoardo Colzani, how do you decide if your design is ready?
Edoardo Colzani: When I design for an industry, there are many steps of the process that my project should pass by. First of all a model, made in a very common and simple way. Made with simple materials, just to physically touch it and to make sure that every single aspect of it is perfect for the market and the needs for which I have designed it. When every single aspect of the project is analyzed, I can decide that my product is ready for the industry and for the market...
Edoardo Colzani, what is your biggest design work?
Edoardo Colzani: I think that my personal and most successful design project is my Globe lamp. The project that won a Gold A' Design Award. Not only for the prize but because behind this project, there are two hard-working years of engineering and process. That's why at the end, when you saw the result, you can feel extremely satisfied. ...
Edoardo Colzani Designs
Edoardo Colzani, who is your favorite designer?
Edoardo Colzani: There are many designers that I love and I think that each of them has a personal project way that I love. But if I had to identify some of them, I think that the most impressive are: Elena Salmistraro, Nendo and Luca Nichetto. Three different ways to work, but in every one of them, there are aspects of their project that I really love...
Edoardo Colzani, would you tell us a bit about your lifestyle and culture?
Edoardo Colzani: I lived in Brianza, near to Milan, and I think that in the last 5 years, Milan has become a really gorgeous city. Every time I go there for some business meetings, I take my time to visit a new place or a design or an architectural installation. Everything can inspire me in my future project. When I work on a new project I need some time for my typical working day, to think free and I always listen to my favorite Italian pianist: Ludovico Einaudi. His particular type of music, give me the right concentration to realize my project.
Edoardo Colzani Designs
Edoardo Colzani, would you tell us more about your work culture and business philosophy?
Edoardo Colzani: it's very easy to work with me. I just have the same enthusiasm that I have got for my job and for my project. I worked alone on some design projects and with some of my personal clients, but during the last 2 years, I started some new projects with an Architect, Luca Novati, which has brought very technical and constructive aspects into our collaboration...
Edoardo Colzani, what are your philanthropic contributions to society as a designer, artist, and architect?
Edoardo Colzani: Every single aspect of my work should be important for a project or personal success in this work. I have tried to participate in some project pro bono in the last years, thinking that they could really be useful not only for the market but also for the life of my interlocutors. ...
Edoardo Colzani Designs
Edoardo Colzani, what positive experiences you had when you attend the A’ Design Award and Competition?
Edoardo Colzani: I think that it is very important for a designer, to participate in this type of ceremony. First of all, your project gains visibility not only in your country but all over the world. If you design for an international industry you can reach many different markets, but if your design project is designed for a little firm, you can not wait for it to be so in sight in the rest of the world. ...
Edoardo Colzani, can you tell us more about your company/design studio?
Edoardo Colzani: My design studio started its history 18 years ago with a cosmetics project for a small company, and in the last 10 years it has expanded, touching also different fields such as Graphic design and Art Direction...
Edoardo Colzani Designs
Edoardo Colzani, what is "design" for you?
Edoardo Colzani: I could answer you with a phrase which I always use to express it: "designing is a positive culture, the active and conscious attitude of those who can devise new solutions for the present and the future"...
Edoardo Colzani, what was the first thing you designed for a company?
Edoardo Colzani: It was a cosmetic project for a small company. I have designed an eyeliner, a lipstick, and some other pieces of a cosmetics collection...

Edoardo Colzani, what is your favorite material/platform/technology?
Edoardo Colzani: I like very much materials such as wood and copper...
Edoardo Colzani Designs
Edoardo Colzani, when do you feel the most creative?
Edoardo Colzani: In the evening and when I walk alone in the park of my study...

Edoardo Colzani, what kind of emotions do you feel when your designs are realized?
Edoardo Colzani: I feel so proud. It's a really hard feeling to explain, but the most important thing that I consider, is the feeling that people can feel using my new product. I hope all of them could feel the same emotions...

Edoardo Colzani, thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you... To learn more about Edoardo Colzani and check more designs by Edoardo Colzani as well as to see more Edoardo Colzani designs such as Talento Unlimited and Globe visit
Edoardo Colzani Designs
We hope you enjoyed our interview of Edoardo Colzani. This interview was made possible by the contributions of A' Design Award and Competition - The World's largest and most influential design accolade. A' Design Award is an annual, international design award open to both concept stage and realized works by designers, artists, architects, and brands worldwide. A' Design Award and Competition aims to create public awareness and understanding of good design by promoting the best designers such as Edoardo Colzani and their design works worldwide. Visit to learn more.

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