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Anton Shlyonkin Designs

Anton Shlyonkin Designs

Today's featured designer is Anton Shlyonkin. Anton Shlyonkin is the creator of iconic designs such as 5 Principles.

We had the rare opportunity to interview the exalted designer Anton Shlyonkin who was recently announced as the Designer of the Day by the A' Design Award and Competition. Anton Shlyonkin is the creator of iconic designs such as 5 Principles. We got exclusive answers to our questions about Anton Shlyonkin designs and design philosophy.
Anton Shlyonkin, how did you become a designer?
Anton Shlyonkin : I always wanted to be an artist, but I was told that you need A GIFT to become one. So I chose a second-best option - graphic design. And I am pretty happy about it now because graphic design is a great thing....

Anton Shlyonkin, what are your priorities, technique and style when designing?
Anton Shlyonkin : The most important quote for me is «Less is more». The second one though is «Rules are there to be broken». So, I guess, the main thing for me is to make a functional and «clean» design which is «still alive», rough in the right places. Also, I am all for the hidden meanings in my work, though they are more like easter eggs for the curious viewer and not an integral part of the design....
Anton Shlyonkin, which emotions do you feel when designing?
Anton Shlyonkin : Oh, I love designing stuff. I really love to generate ideas with just a pen and paper, it's kind of liberating and also fun...

Anton Shlyonkin, what particular aspects of your background shaped you as a designer?
Anton Shlyonkin : I used to be a musician, and I believe it really helps with a sense of rhyme and «feeling» colors, and overall composition. Also, drawing is really helpful too. And for type design work - definitely calligraphy....
Anton Shlyonkin Designs
Anton Shlyonkin, what is your growth path? what are your future plans? what is your dream design project?
Anton Shlyonkin : I was a student, intern, freelancer, designer, art director and now - co-founder of my studio. The next step is to create some kind of product for myself. Designing for others is fun, but I believe the end goal is to make your own stuff as well (which many designers end up doing)...
Anton Shlyonkin, what are your advices to designers who are at the beginning of their career?
Anton Shlyonkin : Design is a hard work and should be treated as such. But the main goal is to have fun in the process. I hate when people say «Client made me do it» if something turns out bad in their work. I believe limitations are liberating in a way. It's also important to be educated in many different fields to be «fresh» and relevant, which is pretty easy to do now. Thanks, internet!...
Anton Shlyonkin, you are truly successful as a designer, what do you suggest to fellow designers, artists and architects?
Anton Shlyonkin : Always be excited and love what you do. And observe constantly. Be aware of things. If you are getting bored by your work - find a way to make it fun. Place little easter eggs, try new stuff, try something new for every project. As long as it doesn't hurt the project it's all good....
Anton Shlyonkin, what is your day to day look like?
Anton Shlyonkin : Coffee! Then - e-mails. I use it for most of my work and for the news and subscriptions too. And the main thing is the music. A lot of music. Also, I really like sharing ideas with my wife, it's priceless...

Anton Shlyonkin, how do you keep up with latest design trends? to what extent do design trends matter?
Anton Shlyonkin : I don't believe in trends as a useful tool. But of course, it's important to be aware of things, and not only design. So I try to read a lot. Podcasts are amazing too. And the best thing for inspiration is browsing through Behance, of course!...
Anton Shlyonkin Designs
Anton Shlyonkin, how do you know if a product or project is well designed? how do you define good design?
Anton Shlyonkin : This thing is hard to generalize. Some basic design aspects as composition and colors and overall impact. But most important - if it serves its purpose. But it's more like a gut feeling for me...
Anton Shlyonkin, how do you decide if your design is ready?
Anton Shlyonkin : It's important to understand that nothing can be perfect. So it's important to be able to stop and move on. That said though it's still important to be satisfied with your work. I usually have a short checklist for each project. If I hit all of the marks, everything I wanted to do - it's time to move on....
Anton Shlyonkin, what is your biggest design work?
Anton Shlyonkin : My biggest project to date — navigation system and identity for Sanki track, which was a part of 2014 Sochi Olympics. It was a huge project, very interesting and complex. For more recent examples — branding and identity for «Little Bakery», because I had to do so many new things, like interior design....
Anton Shlyonkin, who is your favourite designer?
Anton Shlyonkin : Stefan Sagmeister (he is the best for me). Jessica Hische. Chip Kidd. Osten Gruppe. Niels Shoe Muelman. And many many many more. Professionals are awesome. And a lot of old masters, not only design-wise but from all art fields too....
Anton Shlyonkin Designs
Anton Shlyonkin, would you tell us a bit about your lifestyle and culture?
Anton Shlyonkin : Music is really important. All kinds of experiences. It's a good time to be a designer. A lot of things to explore, and even more things to do....

Anton Shlyonkin, would you tell us more about your work culture and business philosophy?
Anton Shlyonkin : I think respect is really important for designers. Sometimes you need to do what you need to do even if you want to do something else. It's important to do your best for your current project and not just indulge in thing on a whim....
Anton Shlyonkin, what are your philanthropic contributions to society as a designer, artist and architect?
Anton Shlyonkin : It's important to share knowledge. That was my reasoning to go back to my Institute to teach young designers. It's also important to contribute to society and culture, to do non-commercial projects, to be a part of the community. And I try to do it as well as I can and encourage my students to do as well....
Anton Shlyonkin, what positive experiences you had when you attend the a’ design award?
Anton Shlyonkin : Competitions allow you to really reflect on your work. It's also important as a social tool. A' Design Award also arranges exhibitions of winning designs which is just crazy. It's the best part for me. Oh, and the yearbook. And the overall exposure - it's great. And it's really useful too. And of course, it's really nice to be acknowledged by the community....
Anton Shlyonkin, can you tell us more about your company / design studio?
Anton Shlyonkin : «All my T» was founded as a way for me and my wife, who is a graphic designer too, to do some self-commissioned works. The first things we did were typefaces and t-shirts, hence the name. But now it's more than that and we do design for clients under that brand too....
Anton Shlyonkin Designs
Anton Shlyonkin, what is "design" for you?
Anton Shlyonkin : The design is an art of making art that serves a purpose, I think....

Anton Shlyonkin, what kinds of works do you like designing most?
Anton Shlyonkin : Type, lettering, creative concepts....

Anton Shlyonkin, what was the first thing you designed for a company?
Anton Shlyonkin : Funny enough, it was a rebranding for a bank...
Anton Shlyonkin, what is your favorite material / platform / technology?
Anton Shlyonkin : I am really into laser cutting and 3d printing nowadays...

Anton Shlyonkin, when do you feel the most creative?
Anton Shlyonkin : As a designer, I think it is really important to be creative all the time no matter what. We are professionals after all...
Anton Shlyonkin Designs
Anton Shlyonkin, what kind of emotions do you feel when your designs are realized?
Anton Shlyonkin : At that time I am already interested in something new, probably :). But it's a nice feeling, of cause ...

Anton Shlyonkin, how do you think the "design field" is evolving? what is the future of design?
Anton Shlyonkin : Design is expanding and that is awesome. New ideas, new material, new technologies — I really like that...
Anton Shlyonkin, what are your suggestions to companies for working with a designer? how can companies select a good designer?
Anton Shlyonkin : Choose a professional and let him do his work...

Anton Shlyonkin, from your perspective, what would you say are some positives and negatives of being a designer?
Anton Shlyonkin : I love what I do, so it's hard for me to highlight specific examples. Where are many positive things, art is a grate thing in itself. As for negatives — some people a hard to work with and as a designer you should work with a lot of different people all the time. But some people are amazing, so......

Anton Shlyonkin, thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you... To learn more about Anton Shlyonkin and check more designs by Anton Shlyonkin as well as to see more Anton Shlyonkin designs such as 5 Principles visit
Anton Shlyonkin Designs
We hope you enjoyed our interview of Anton Shlyonkin. This interview was made possible by the contributions of A' Design Award and Competition - The World's largest and most influential design accolade. A' Design Award is an annual, international design award open to both concept stage and realized works by designers, artists, architects and brands worldwide. A' Design Award and Competition aims to create a public awareness and understanding of good design by promoting the best designers such as Anton Shlyonkin and their design works worldwide. Visit to learn more.

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