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10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration

10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration

10 Interesting Kitchenware Designs that will inspire you

Kitchenware is an essential part of our daily life, so it is important to keep the creativity involved at all times! From genius solutions for outdoor cooking to elegant tea parties at home, these 10 design will inspire you.

At the beginning of our list, there is Agape by id.real. Agape was born from the idea of creating a Multifunctional Tableware that will keep up with the changes in sharing a meal with the loved ones. The culture keeps evolving and the experience is changing and id.real wanted to keep up with changes. Agape created reinterpreted the classical tableware with pieces that adapt to small spaces and to the assorted food that is served nowadays.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Agape’s each piece is designed to allow variety of serving combinations to be created, for example, the big salad bowl turns into a hot soup serving bowl by incorporating the Saturn ring-shaped tray, trays that become handles or centrepieces, bowls that turn into pedestals. Each piece is designed ergonomically and the angular pieces ensure stacking for ease of carrying and serving.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Firo is a Fire Cooking Set designed by Andrea Sosinski is aimed to open up a new era and set a new standard for outdoor cooking experience. It is suitable to be used in any open fire: on the beach, on the patio or in an open fireplace in the living room. It is a design that will keep people away from the stress of industrialisation and digitalisation for a while and make people return to their roots and simplicity to create a peaceful experience. The set includes everything one might need: an oven, cooking and eating bowls, cutlery, blanket, gloves and covers.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
The use of Firo is simple, the “oven” brings the practicality of the ovens in our home to the outdoor environment: it is placed on the fire half-way, the handy pots are filled with food and placed in the oven which will open and close like a drawer. Once the food is cooked, the multifunctional cutlery (fork and spoon) is clicked in the deepening of the pot and carried out in an isolating bag for eating. With Firo, you can prepare delicious meals in a practical manner and share this beautiful outdoor experience with your loved ones.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
EcoDining is another product that is intended to improve the outdoor eating experience. EcoDining is an UV disinfection tableware case to ensure your portable chopsticks and spoon are always disinfected and ready to be used. Whether you are just having a lunch in your office or in a park with your friends, EcoDining is the practical and environmentally friendly solution for you.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
EcoDining UV disinfection tableware case is designed by Amos Zhu, Hana Feng and Zhao Xiong to answer the modern user expectations: healthy and environmental friendly. Once the user closes the box, UV light and heat tablets will start working and in the next use, all the user have to do is open the box and the tableware will be ready to use again.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Moving from the outside experiences to indoor cooking, our fourth product is the Creator C-500, a pan handle with foldable design, created by Chen Canliang and Hu Xindian. The collapsible handle allows user to store the cookware neatly by stacking it inside one another. Collapsible handle and being stackable allows Creator C-500 to occupy less space in the kitchen, allowing user to have more kitchen space.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Especially in small kitchens, efficient use of space has great importance. Pots and other utensils occupy a great deal of space with their volume and their long and fixed handles, which make them hard to store in the cabinets and shelves. The foldable pot handle is an effective solution for cases like this since it allows the pots to occupy minimum possible space.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Another practical solution in the kitchen comes from multifunctional Culinary Multipot. Designed by Simone Heckmann and Norbert Fischbach not only for professionals, but for household kitchens. Multipot is suitable to every cooking space: electric, ceramic, gas or induction hob or for the oven. It proposes different ways of cooking simultaneously, making it possible for the user to multitask with one Multipot. Multipot can be used for cooking, simmering, warming, steaming, deep frying with up to 3 frying baskets, grilling, roasting and braising.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Multipot is a stylish and functional design which is made of durable and highly conductive materials. The base ring serves as a support for the steamer plate and for hanging / dripping the pasta and frying baskets. Water, condensate and oil remain in the pot and do not drip on the cooking area. It offers all kinds of cooking techniques in one system so the user do not need to invest in a separate system for each function and try to store each of them.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Moving on from the preparation to the serving, The Channel Bowl is the 6th product on our list. Designed by David Collins, Channel Bowl is intended to be an evolution of the everyday bowl. Collins wanted to challenge the usability of this everyday object and wanted to solve problems regarding to difficulties encountered at the end of the food when the residual food is hard to scoop. Collins made sure the standards are kept high both for functionality and aesthetic.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Channel Bowl is the first bowl with and innovative centre channel that enhances the scooping and sipping. The lovely high gloss interior provides a smooth surface for scooping and sipping. The soft matte dimpled exterior creates better grip and beautiful form. The Channel Bowl stands out for both function and aesthetic. The Channel Bowl enhances meal times, and any table setting with its exquisite form and finish.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Another design that will enhance the meal times and the table settings is Tri Chapter. Tri Chapter is a break-time tableware set designed by Mutuopia. The cup fully expresses the aesthetics of the combination of triangular and circular shapes in three-dimension with a marvellous geometric arrangement. The cup is made of porcelain. The triangle shape saucer modernises an innovative yet sophisticated way to serve tea or coffee. The delicate spoon has a pyramidal counterweight that allows it to stand upright. It has been engineered to sit perfectly on the saucer. The saucer and spoon are made of PVD coated zinc alloy in five colours.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Mutopia used qualitative research to explore people’s daily drinking behaviours and rituals in order to create Tri Chapter. They tried to bring the power of tranquillity to people’s drinking rituals by making sure each detail serves to perfection in how people interact with their tableware: from grabbing the saucer to holding the cup, from picking up the spoon to how people sip.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Cong Ma also wanted to enhance the drinking experience for the people but has chosen a different inspiration when creating the Exquisite Moon Dreamer tea set. Cong Ma got inspired from the classic Chinese garden with harmonious combination of elements such as moon gate, Taihu stone, various carved windows, lake ripples and many other elements. Cong Ma wanted to bring the taste of classic Chinese garden's aesthetic and exquisite craftsmanship together into the pot and cups, which also give the sense of quiet oriental aesthetic while enjoying tea.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
The loop handle of Exquisite Moon Dreamer was inspired by the image of moon gate in classic Chinese gardens, in the shape of bridge connected with teapot. The teapot covered with classic elements commonly used in classic Chinese gardens-Taihu stone as knob, ripple layers as shape of lid. The interlayer of the silver cup can keep the cup from too hot to hold, the outer layer hollows all kinds of carved windows, what a delight! The artwork perfectly demonstrates the crossover of oriental garden architecture and tea sets.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
The next product in our list is intended to enhance user experience within the hotel context. Marn Hotel Amenities, created by C.H Chang, H.A Chang, Y.Q Luo and S.C Huang, intended to promote local Tainan culture heritage through the interesting amenities in the hotel room. The team believes that the cultural elements incorporated within the design will tempt the user to look beyond the object and to learn the culture lying underneath. The cultural hotel served as the platform to communicate with travellers from everywhere, allowing them to learn and to feel the culture heritage of Tainan in an interesting way during their stay, could be better appreciated and shared amongst travellers.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Marn, pronunciation in mandarin means fulfilment in Chinese culture. The design was inspired by cultural heritage related to Tainan traditional local snacks and foods. Wishing to preserve the culture and widespread to the world by transforming the famous local festive snacks into hotel amenities, like; turtle-shaped rice cake into hand soap & soap dish, mung bean cake into toiletries, tang yuan sweet dumpling into hand cream and steamed bun & Tainan brown sugar bun cake into tea set. All were hand crafted in ceramic which looks identical to the festive snacks.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Horizon Welcome Tray is another product that is intended for travellers. Levent Muslular and Berkehan Koseoglu created Horizon to provide a superb experience for the hotel visitors. Horizon offers variety of solutions for the visitors. Instead of having few options, Horizon serves various tea and coffee types in glass tubes to allow people to brew their drink with the chance of adjust the amount of tea or coffee. Another unique property of Horizon is using the third dimension for storing the glasses. By this way of storing, inside of the glasses are protected from dust. Horizon also have an empty glass for putting the used infuser after people finish brewing.
10 Kitchenware Design Inspiration
Nowadays most of the welcome trays are made of plastic materials. By making the welcome tray from ecologic materials, Levent Muslular and Berkehan Koseoglu brought Horizontal through inartificial and reformer structure.

Today we have listed 10 kitchenware design inspiration from different contexts, chosen from the winners of A’ Design Award and Competition winning designs. If you are craving for more, make sure you check the links that we have provided below!
agape Multifunctional Tableware:
Firo Fire Cooking Set:
EcoDining UV disinfection tableware case:
Multifunctional Culinary Multipot Cookware and cooking utensils:
The Channel Bowl:
Tri Chapter Breaktime Tableware Set:
Creator C-500 Pan handle folding design:
Horizon Welcome Tray:
Exquisite Moon Dreamer Tea set
Marn Hotel Amenities:

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