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Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers

Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers

8 Fashion and Travel Accessories Designer shares their motivation behind their Award Winning designs.

This week, we have collected the most interesting answers from the design interviews of A' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Winners. They told us about the motivation and inspiration behind their award winning designs. Our chat with them was intriguing and fun, so if you wish to see the full interviews and interviews with other award winning designers, make sure you check Design Interviews! Design Interviews is created in order to share the professional lives of designers, architects and artists with design enthusiasts and other designers in order to provide tips for upcoming designers, artists and architects to advance their design knowledge and skills and to give our readers a feel for how designers come up with their designs.
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
90 Deg Bamboo Chair within Bag is a bag that can be utilised in two forms. It can serve as a beautiful bag in daily use and it can also be utilised as a temporary seat. This award winning idea belongs to Jeff Ching-Wen Chang and Jeff Ching-Wen Chang described the motivations that lead to design as “to search a simple way to solve an urban daily life problem of being in need of temporary seat by mixing different elements from multi-fields”. Jeff Ching-Wen Chang says the inspiration for this design came from the daily observations and the experience of people. “In some situations when people go outdoors such as waiting in line or walking for a long time, the need of resting happen when people feel their legs tired. Thus, I tried to solve this problem with my professional skill of industrial design, and tested many kinds of models in the period of the development process.”
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
Addicted Bracelet Bag is a handbag designed by Parisa Wang and it features a unique bottle shaped silhouette with distinctive ring buckle that functions as a top handle. The striking bracelet like handle enhances its jewellery feel while looping over the wrist. The design was inspired by the phrase “Wear heart on sleeve” and designed for multifaceted women who appreciate design, quality and uniqueness.
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
“As a young designer caught up in the blur of luxury fashion, Parisa Wang found herself growing increasingly concerned: brands seemed to be less interested in innovating, and more interested in hitting rigid sales goals by imposing steep mark-ups and replicating established trends. Parisa saw the need for a change, and assembled a team of like-minded designers with one mission: to create singular, luxurious handbags with accessible price points that women instinctively reach for.”
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
Multibags Rebels is a multifunctional baggage by Franco Arazzi Studio, and it can be worn as a shoulder bag, cross-body bag or as a backpack. By simply dragging or binding the ropes or changing the knots, the bag is transformed in a way that suits you the best.
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
The Franco Arazzi Studio are two designers: Olina Francová and Jitka Arazimová, and they describe the incentive behind their design as “We want our multibags to be not only a "thing to carry things" but much more - to become a part of their wearer’s life, expressing his opinion and to be his dear and original companion.” They wanted to create one bag serving for all the purposes, “against the effort to influence the customer buying a bunch of handbags every year and getting rid of them as quickly as possible”.
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
Kord Minimalist Wallet Card holder is designed by Adrian Bogdan with great aesthetics and functionality in mind. The elastic cord wraps tightly around the two side pieces keeping the cards and bills securely inside. Adrian Bogdan wanted to design a conversation starter beyond “boring corporate gift”. “I wanted to create something different, a conversation starter, something that would draw the attention, a product that would be carried around all the time and which could be easily customised.” Says Adrian Bogdan when asked the motivation to design this particular type of work.
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
“This design is the end result of my decision to pursue my inspiration. The actual creation process is what motivates me. I love taking my ideas through the various design stages and finally seeing them brought to life.”
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
Trevor Hirschi is always intrigued by mechanical components in the world around us and always looking for the next product idea. Born from this search, The TC Nexus is a limited edition, mechanical over-center mechanism tie clip assembly that is CNC machined from Certified American Made Grade 5 Titanium and carefully assembled and finished personally by the hands of the designer, one piece at a time.
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
“My main idea was always to utilize a type of simple yet sophisticated mechanism to operate a set of clamping jaws in an industrial but fashionable manner. The inspiration came from my experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing a series of openable titanium wedding rings for men that I eventually sold the rights to.” Tells Trevor Hirschi when asked about the main principle, idea and inspiration behind the design.
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
Jingwen Zhang got the inspiration for the Comfort Pultipurpose Tranforming Bag from people’s mental loneliness. Zhang justifies this as “With the developing of the economic, people are busy with their work. Though they are working every day, their spiritual world might be lonely. Especially for those people who are working for their future and having their dream fulfilled, or a foreigner hoping to be accompanied and comforted.”
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
Originated from the concern of loneliness in the metropolitan people, designer approached to the matter from different perspective and created Comfort to appeal people's mind and take more care of themselves in the physical, mental health. The collection pieces are mainly made of fabric and cotton as soft as a pillow and comfortable to make people feel relax and accompanied. "The original idea of the work comes from the feeling when people wrap their pillows while sleeping, in this way people seem to obtain a comfortable, relaxed and relieved emotion."
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
Another great design by Jingwen Zhang is the Belief Handbag, and the inspiration for this particular piece comes from the Japanese geta. “Geta culture lasts for centuries even with the country’s development. Japanese leaves the geta culture as their believing in life. The collection is representing the keeping in the indigenous culture and a country’s believing.” Zhang says “I create this design to appealing people’s mind on their counties cultural and historical heritage.” When asked about the reasons behind the design initiative.
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
Cultural Inheritance Handbag belongs to the same collection with the Belief Handbang, following the inspiration of Japanese geta. The handbag design is related to traditional Japanese culture with a modern and simple design. It reflects the soul of Japanese belief in cultural heritage.
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
Cameron Stephens and Lindsey Vaniman created The Wanderer Travel Kit to unfold into a tray, keeping items well contained but easily accessible. “I was unhappy digging through my traditional travel dopp kit which did a poor job of containing my items in an accessible way. Instead of bringing an actual tray with me traveling, we created a design that transformed into one...” says Cameron Stephens when asked about the main inspiration behind the design.
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
“We are major fans of clean, minimal design. We take inspiration from everything from architecture to classic cars to jewellery. Anything that eliminates the unnecessary and focuses on balance and geometry could be something we pull from.”
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
Created by Frederic Gooris, ESCAPE is a contemporary Carry-On that doubles up as a light and self-charging mobile office for today's traveling business people. The design is “inspired by the iconic travel trunks”. Frederic Gooris shares the fun story behind the design as follows: “Stevenson of Rollogo came to me with a working prototype of a power generating spinner wheel. It was mounted on an ordinary carry-on. The final product did not convince him: ‘I wouldn’t buy it, so how can I expect someone else wanting to buy it?’ He asked to create a ‘better’ design. What he really meant was to find a concept in which a power-generating wheel would make perfect sense – rather than being a gimmick – and to come up with an attractive aesthetical language that clearly communicates the concept.”
Chatting with 8 Fashion Designers
We have reached to the end of our list for today. If you wish to know more about these Award Winning designs and to read the full interviews, you would like to check Design Interviews and if you wish to be one of the Award winning designers and share your creations with the world, make sure you visit A’ Design Award and Competition!
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