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What is Advanced Design, Who is an Advanced Designer?

What is Advanced Design, Who is an Advanced Designer?

Today, the definition of a designer has become vague and wide, everyone is designer, everyone is an artist. Your neighbor is a food designer when she creates a cake! Your neighbors' little daughter is an origami designer, and your neighbors' five year old kid is an upcoming artist, her husband is the best garden designer, and everyone is a designer. It is true, they are indeed designers as the definition of design today, so lets' separate advanced designers from the designers.

Advanced Designer is a person who performs the advanced design task. Great definition huh? So what is advanced design? Advanced design is a multidisciplinary management and planning process for design, but I have a good and academic definition that follows.
Onur Mustak Cobanli's definition of advanced design: Advanced Design is to reach, conceive in the mind, form, plan, model, organize, prepare the structure and list the processes of a work to be executed in an interdisciplinary way.
So, first step in advanced design is research, it is a required step to foster innovation and creativity, and for the creation of projects that are not only unique, but are well made, that does not repeat the errors or problems of previous works, well researched.
The second step is conceiving in the mind; thinking before taking action. To form an initial idea and to model it.
Your role as an advanced designer is not just to design your final delivery, but also design the process. An advanced designer must think like the CEO of the company, for instance an advanced product designer must think: how to optimize the design for production, how to make the design so that it sells more, an advanced designer must know the market conditions, possibilities, must be able to perform a SWOT analysis, must be considering the cost of production, must be able to make life-cycle assessment, and must run focus groups to see if his products is good, should redefine the product as market require and more such as should analyzing the competitors products, should see what is featured in press etc.. So the Advanced Designer should first organize the work.
An Advanced Designer must be able to work with teams and should be able to work with non-designers, an advanced designer should ask people such as engineers for how she would do the design, and she should consult to many others during the process; talk to the marketing team, talk to the production workers (yes, the common experienced worker can indeed suggest you a lot of insights for the production of goods, just ask the right questions to him), before making the design, an advanced designer should make a list of information needed, and consult to every one of the information specialists in this list. That is good design, that is advanced design.
Advanced design is a spiral process where each of these steps are repeated again and again until a threshold of added value is reached. At each repeat, the returns decrease, so an advanced designer must determine what he or she is expecting as a final outcome, and should refine her expectations during the process.
Finally, an advanced designer must be present at the execution of the work. His job should continue, after the work is realized, must evaluate the work, get insights about it and do an updated version, and improvements for free. Because his work, his product is his signature, his identity, his brand value. You must cite the name of an advanced designer when working with him, feature him in the catalog and share the same brand value. Citing is so important.
Why citing designers name is important?: A designer can just do design, he is not responsible for the result of his work; especially if he is not famous, he got nothing to lose, but an advanced designer is different, he can loose his "advanced" title. A company has money and credibility to lose, and they should lose money and credibility as long as they continue to work with designers without citing their name; if you work with designers lacking self respect and ego, be ready to have bad and copycat designs. When you do not cite your designer, it means that you take the full responsibility of what you produce, you do not share the weight of responsibility with your designer. When you cite your designers you also give them more attention and responsibility and thus create a reason for them to do a better work. A designer, whose name is going to be featured is more likely to do a better work with the same investment.
Remember, industrial products must be designed by Advanced Designers, yet artworks can be designed by designers and artists. An artwork or artistic design is very very different from industrial design or design for the public. When you design for the public (for architects, for industrial designers) you need to do a very good research, your design must be socially responsible (ecogreen, easy to recycle etc) cheap to produce (because the world has limited resources, not just for the sake of the company) and ergonomic etc.. Indeed each of the details to look for when designing is a science in its own; Consider ergonomy which is a science itself!, there are books about it! But we unfortunately see many so called designers doing product designs without any reference to them. These people are not designers, let alone advanced designers: The product should fit a percentile of users, not your little designer hands! In addition, as an advanced designer you must design the way the user will operate and interact with your design, product manual should be designed by the advanced designer itself; perhaps better with coordination with a graphic designer that could apply the brand identity of the producer company.
In summary, an advanced designer is a person that cares; before the design, during the design and after the realization of the design. An advanced designers is a person that listens; listens to other experts, listens to the target audience, listens the market. An advanced designer respects; respects the audience, respects the company he works with, respects the audience she designs for, respects nature. An advanced designer is not alone; he is not a lonely prodigy; he is a team worker that works with people from different fields to improve his work. An advanced designer is attached and emotional, but more importantly logical. An advanced designer is a designer that respects himself, without self respect there cannot be advanced design, thus if you do not feature your designers in your company, you had never worked with an advanced designer before, and you would probably not work, and I hope you fail as a company, as your products are most probably copycat objects or services that copies an existing high-selling, good performing product with less attention to details; i.e. is cheaper to produce because you do not respect nature, the people who produces it. An advanced designer is socially responsible, resulting designs will also be.
I suggest companies to work with advanced designers, an advanced designer is not necessary academically educated; but he must be self-educating, she must be wise, having knowledge of different fields, at least to perform the link of interaction, and must have capacity to think and outthink. An advanced designer must design by looking to the past, considering future, for today. I'll give you an example advanced designer; an architect that lived hundreds of years ago: Mimar Sinan. When he build the mosque, he designed how it could be maintained in the future; it is known that a writing a tablet was found after 500 years when the keystones of the mosque were being replaced, he imagined 500 years in feature stating in this table: "you, who will replace this stone should be careful and follow the instructions as given here". Furthermore, the ink to scribe is produced by the mosque by collecting the candle smokes, the lightning system was perfect and much more. So, why he did it? He is, because an advanced designer that reflects his work, even after hundreds of years of his death that is why his name remains, if you want to be remembered as a designer, be an advanced designer, do not run for simple opportunities. Of course there are many good designers, throughout the history, remembered for their works, consider Edison as an advanced designer; he opens a facility to produce patents, works with others such as electric engineers, craftsman etc to produce, test, and make new products. Consider Steve Jobs, he is an advanced designer, making products that are non-comparable with that of competitors', developed and well studied.
Here, I shared some of my very personal ideas about the subject, and what is and what is not an advanced design and advanced designer is. I have a purpose when writing this text; I want to attract attention to the responsibilities of a good designer when doing so, my text might be harsh at times, but trust me; that we, as designers, must be much more responsible than any other stakeholders in the industry.
I also want to announce the Advanced Design Conference. The Advanced Design Conference is for people who research, concieve in the mind, form, model, organize, prepare the structure and list the processes of a work to be executed in an interdisciplinary way. It is an intensely educational session for passionate practitioners and pioneers of design. If you care about design as well as the design of design, innovation as well as research, Advanced Design Conference is the conference you've been waiting for. Founded by an international advisory board experienced in advanced design studies, and dedicated to the proposition that the designers of design, metadesigners and arctifact creators deserve a great learning experience, Advanced Design Conference brings together hundreds of participants that are expert in their plus a dozen of keynote speakers and leading minds in design and design industry for a non-stop inspiration and enlightenment period.
Who should Join? : Everyone interested in Advanced Design can and should join. The conference especially targets an audience with a solid academic background. Design researchers, design lectureres, design professors, designers, inspiring designers and students are welcome. The conference is also open to people from different non-design fields in order to strengthen the multidisciplinary nature of the event. If you use design to improve and advance, and if you could write a formal paper about it, you are most welcome.
What should I Write? : You should write a paper that fits one of the conference tracks. In summary, you might submit a paper in three diverse themes. 1. The Core Stream; discusses Design and Advanced Design itself with the aim to develop the advanced design literature and fundamental definitions. 2. Applied Advanced Design which focuses on the application of Advanced Design in the form of Design Management, Design Strategy, and Research, the aim is to discover thinking patterns and to collect base principles in design. 3. Advanced Design Multidisciplinary Stream which discusses design's role and vision in other fields and how design processes or tools are created, developed or integrated in such fields, the aim is to focus on the multidisciplinary role of design.
Aims and Visions : The primary aim of the Advanced Design Conference is to develop the advanced design literature and fundamental definitions. A secondary aim focuses on the application of Advanced Design in the form of Design Management, Design Strategy, and Research, to discover thinking patterns and principles in advanced design. The third aim is to discuss the design’s role and vision in other fields and how design processes or tools are integrated in such fields, with the aim to focus on the multidisciplinary role of design.
If you like to join Advanced Design Conference, you should write a paper and join the Advanced Design and Design Research Award category. The A' Advanced Design and Design Research Competition is an academic / semi-academic design competition open to submissions of academic papers, poster presentations and research findings and visualization of research results by design professionals, academics, researchers, and prospective researches in design industry worldwide.
The A' Design Award for Advanced Design & Design Research is not just an award, it is the indicator of quality and perfection in design research, the award is recognized worldwide and takes the attention of design oriented companies, professionals and interest groups. Winning the A' Award is a certificate of excellence for designers and researchers, an important milestone in your career. Having the A' Award attracts the eyes of design oriented companies and other academics worldwide, winners will be able to find better and higher profile offers, get a step ahead in their life.
As a side note Entries in this competition will be peer-reviewed and proceedings will be published separately, furthermore winners will also be eligible to join Advanced Design Conference with discount.

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