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Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review

Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review

This is a review of the interior design book ROOM released by Phaidon.

Quick summary: It is a big coffee book with lots of images of good looking interior designs, curated by 10 editors, suggested for any interior designers who want to have a heavy yet beautiful book to get inspiration. Some pages contains blueprints or plans or details from the designers, making the book more valuable. Each project is featured with multiple images and explained for use of materials, furniture and other details.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
Phaidon sent us several images that we could use to explain the book, the image above is Beauty & Essex by AvroKO (Restaurant/Bar, New York), selected by Michael Boodroo. Like this work, there are many rustic - vintage style interiors in this book. The book has all sort of different interior designs inside making it quite original.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
Patrick Blanc House by Patrick Blanc (Residential, Paris), selected by Ko Matsubara; photography by Kozumi Higaki. This one is an example of a rather more modern interior project that you could see, in the book you could learn more about all the featured interiors and for some interiors there are also plans available.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
OHWOW Book Club by Rafael de Cárdenas / Architecture at Large (Retail, New York), selected by Nacho Alegre. Both minimal and crowded spaces are featured in the Room: Inside Contemporary interiors book. The short name for the book is the ROOM. ROOM features 100 exceptional interior-design projects from around the world chosen by 10 widely respected interior-design critics, practitioners and curators.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
Above, you see a partial image from the Vila Mariana Apartment by Estudio Guto Requena (Residential, Sao Paulo), selected by Frederico Duarte; photo André Klotz. The 100 designs featured in the book, all of which were constructed in the last five years, are exciting examples of a new generation of design of interior space.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
DeGeneres/De Rossi Ranch by Cliff Fong (Residential, Los Angeles), selected by Michael Boodroo; photography by William Abranowic is seen above. The ROOM book is the latest volume in Phaidon’s unique series of surveys identifying 100 of the most interesting, cutting-edge practitioners of key art forms.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
Hostem & The Chalk Room by JAMESPLUMB (Retail, London), selected by Alan Yau is shown above. Arranged alphabetically by designer, each space is featured over four pages, fully illustrated with photograph, renders and drawings as well as an exclusive and insightful text by the selecting critic, explaining why these particular projects have made a profound impact on the course of contemporary interior design.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
Liyuan Library by Li Xiaodong Atelier (Library, Liyuan, China), selected by Aric Chen is seen above. The result is an up-to-the-minute collection representing the best of both global and regional interior design around the world. The sheer range of endeavors is breath-taking in both size and concept. Here are physical interior spaces alongside transient pop-ups and installations which may actually no longer exist.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
Shown above: Rain Room by Random International (Installation, London), selected by Miles Kemp. The book features installations as weel. These include the Brazil Pavillion at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair by T&T Projectos; Rain Room installed by Random International in London’s Barbican Art Gallery and a temporary pop-up dining experience on top of a multi-story car park in east London which took three weeks to build and then was only open for three
weeks more.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
Image of Aesop by Tacklebox Architecture (Retail, New York), selected by Jon Otis is seen above. ROOM introduces the reader to the designers who are redefining what it means to design interior spaces today, and their innovative approaches that will change the way we think about interior space in the future.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
Above, is a perspective from House of Dust by Antonino Cardillo (Residential, Rome), selected by Nacho Alegre, the book has multiple images for each project. More permanent structures and projects include the OHWOW Book Club in New York an art bookshop and gallery; Shigeru Ban Architects’ Cardboard Cathedral opened in Christchurch New Zealand two years after the earthquake; Li Xiaodong Atelier’s Liyaun Library in China; and an award-winning Starbucks coffee shop in Fukuoka in Japan by Kengo Kuma and Associates.
About the curators of the book: 1) Nacho Alegre is a co-founder of Apartamento Magazine. Apartamento is a biannual, English-language publication read in 45 countries; it has been called the world's hippest interiors magazine. 2) Michael Boodro is Editor-in-Chief of ELLE DECOR Magazine. He has also held editorial positions at HGMagazine, Harper's Bazaar and GQ. He is the author of Stephen Sills and James Huniford's design book Dwellings. He began his career in the fine arts sector, and is a graduate of Yale University.
3) Tony Chambers is Editor-in-chief of Wallpaper* – the influential design, fashion and lifestyle magazine. He started his career as an editorial designer at The Sunday Times Magazine and became art director of UK GQin 1996. 4) Aric Chen is a writer, critic and curator specializing in design, architecture and art; a contributor to The New York Times, Wallpaper*, PINUP and others. He was creative director of Beijing Design Week and is currently curator of design and architecture for the new M+ museum for visual culture in Hong Kong, set to open in 2017.
5) Frederique Duarte is a Portuguese design writer, curator and lecturer. He writes for several international magazines inbcluding the Portuguese daily newspaper Público. He regularly teaches at ESAD Caldas da Rainha and the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts. He is co-author of the book FabricoPróprio – The Design of Portuguese Confectionery.
6) Miles Kemp has been a leader in interactive architecture and user experience design for nearly two decades. He is the president of award-winning Variate Labs whose projects span robotics, interiors, architecture, products, vehicles, user experience and video game design. In 2009, Kemp co-wrote, Interactive Architecture, published by Princeton Architectural Press.
7) Ko Matsubara is Editor-in-Chief of Tokyo-based Casa Brutus, one of Japan’s foremost interior design and architecture publications. Casa Brutus is dedicated to coverage of all things design, fashion and lifestyle, and having a three-decade history, the monthly publication is among the most widely read magazines in Japan.
8) Jon Otis is a practicing designer and Professor of Interior Design at the Pratt Institute. He has been awarded the Fulbright and Lusk Fellowships and more recently he was honoured by being named a 2009 Design Intelligence Most Admired Educator in Interior Design. 9) Robert Thiemann is Editor-in-Chief of Frame and Mark Magazines and Co-Director of Frame Publishers; its three highly international magazines cover art, architecture, design and interiors, reaching readers in 77 countries.
10) Alan Yau is an internationally recognised restaurateur. In 1992 he launched Wagamama, a hip, hi-tech, healthy-eating no-reservations canteen with communal bench seating and an inexpensive menu built around the Japanese noodle. Constantly trawling the globe in search of further inspiration his unparalleled restaurant empire has always been design focused.
Information contained in this article was taken from the Phaidon's press release titled 10 Curators Choose 100 Contemporary interiors. Having a copy of the book myself, my sincere opinion is that it is indeed a good looking coffee book, with a lot of design inspiration and high quality material, a good variety of project selection by different authors with a good amount of info on each project.
Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review
How does it fit? The book is about 416 pages, with 750 images, and has a size of 297 x 297 mm, it has the ISBN 978 0 714 867441 and it is really a beautiful looking book with Hardback binding, hardcover. You can buy it from a local bookstore, or online at or design mega store at Also, the ROOM has a bright red cover which adds spice to any library!

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