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Design Quotes

Design Quotes

Imagination can take you everywhere but design will take you to somewhere great

Here is another series of great design quotes with my interpretations and explanations. My favorite one among these is perhaps the last one: to be a great designer start by deciding yourself, see why I like this quote by reading my interpretation below the quote. As always, enjoy and share with the rest of the world if you like them.
Design Quotes
All great designs are grand work of arts but not vice versa : great design can be considered an art but art cannot be considered a design in most cases, that is perhaps because design is about creating a functional product that appeals to login, and great design is a functional product that appears to both logic and emotion, and art appeals mainly to emotions.
Design Quotes
Bad design is simply great imagination without wisdom : Design without wisdom results in bad design, products that do not function well or do not appeal to the senses of the consumers. Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight, and for great design wisdom is essential.
Design Quotes
Design is a logical dream that will come true : Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur in our mind, design can be compared to a dream is structured and logical; it is a concrete idea that could be realized or executed. Thus the difference between design and dream is control and structure of the thoughts.
Design Quotes
Supreme excellence in design is to create an artifact that is both used and loved : many byproducts of design process is just used; i.e. consumed by consumers or clients, however great designs are able to create that special emotional bound with their users thus they are not just used but also loved, adored and valued more by the people.
Design Quotes
Good design can arise by imitating great design but great design can’t : It is called following best practices; i.e. getting inspired or following similar methodology of successful products to create something that provides solid value. However great design must be original, and it does not mimic any other design, if it mimics, it cannot be great design.
Design Quotes
Art loves imperfection but design does not, because imperfect design can cost lives : A perfect art piece, i.e. highly ordered, great technique etc can be boring occasionally and some of the greatest artworks include a level of imperfection that gives the soul of the object, thus art loves imperfection but you cannot do the same in design; because design produces products and services consumed by masses, and a single mistake can be fatal.
Design Quotes
Good designers design what they would design before they start designing it: Great design starts with research; thus good designers start designing by conceiving the research methodology first; before the design of the actual product or service, the prior design step is to determine the needs of end-users and consumers in order to design something good.
Design Quotes
To make great design you must despise good design : If you accept statusquo you cannot go forward; i.e. if you would be very happy with a product, you would perhaps not be able to improve it, and likewise in order to be able to improve a product, a designer must have the capacity to make a good critique to determine what could be improved.
Design Quotes
The easiest way to get clients to your design business is to make great designs : well said, it is sad but true there are many people who call themselves as designers but instead of spending time on their designs, they use this to market their products; best designs market themselves, and thus best way to publicize a design business is to first make great designs and then to spread the news.
Design Quotes
Those who enjoy design will ultimately create a great product : well perhaps because you need to love what you do in order to be very successful in it. Loving design means continual designing and experimentation, thus it is feasible to accept that after so much experimentation we could come up with a great product that creates real value.
Design Quotes
Best way to change future is to design it : this is indeed fun, I think here design is used in the sense of planning for future, but could also be researching, conceiving and shaping it. If we want to create a better future, we must design it now, but we must design it also; i.e. we must implement design-thinking to create it.
Design Quotes
Design process is an endless loop of hope : from what I see, many designers are working hard to come up with good designs and products, and each time it starts with passion and ends with a baby product. This is like a loop because designers can always find new ways to grow their baby, but not all babies become great man when they grow up, yet there is always hope.
Design Quotes
The secret to get a design job is to have a great portfolio : a different version of the quote below, more suited for the young designers. I too agree that a great portfolio, rich and well-done helps anyone to secure a design job. It is the young designers task to work hard in order to come up with original ideas, concepts and designs for her portfolio.
Design Quotes
Imagination can take you everywhere but design will take you to somewhere great : this is a play on Einsteins' quote that logic takes you from A to B, and imagination could take you anywhere. Here design is controlled imagination; i.e. it is a tool to get you to wherever you want, perhaps not anywhere but specifically somewhere great!.
Design Quotes
The secret to be a great designer is to love designing : straightforward as it is, perhaps many designers are not aware of this fact. Many think they are designers but in fact they are design workers; a true designer enjoys design to such a degree that she does not think it like a job. Thus the secret of great designers is loving design.
Design Quotes
If you love designing people will love your designs : perhaps because good design requires you to put your all emotions inside. Without loving to design, you cannot actually create products that contain emotions, and without emotions your products would be dull and boring. However if you put emotion to your design, it could be attractive and loved by many.
Design Quotes
Best way to succeed in design business is to design good : another version of good design is good business, however more straightforward and sincere. I think it should also be noted that just designing good is not enough, you need to design great and afterwards you need to let people know that you designed great.
Design Quotes
Design is a function of time, imagination & wisdom : increase one of them and you will have a good design. I think for great design, you need time to make good research and to execute the ideas well, imagination is necessary to come up with original solutions, and wisdom is essential to ensure your solutions do actually work.
Design Quotes
To be a great designer, start by designing yourself: this is my favorite quote from this series, at first the literal meaning is like; you need to design original works to be a great designer, but then I also understand that it also relates to self-design; instead of designing yourself; you design yourself; i.e. you create your own character as a designer.

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