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Marketing Products

Marketing Products

This article discusses how to market products in a way that makes sense to customers and consumers alike.

Edwin Herbert Land was an American scientist and inventor, best known as the co-founder of the Polaroid Corporation once said "Marketing is something you do if your product is no good. Instead, you have to show something to people that they had no idea that they wanted but that is irresistible." which has been misinterpreted.
Marketing Products
Marketing, is not something you do if your product is no good, it is something you should do especially if your product is good; Because a good product is literally useless, if no one uses it; if no one knows your product, no one will buy it, therefore, it will not be known. Therefore, marketing for creating awareness is essential to all products.
Marketing Products
Today, we have a lot of information asymmetry, there are many voices talking about the same product from different angles, but the worse, is that there are millions of products, that are being talked about. When you are within your industry, you know what is good, but once out, you are in a dark forest, where whispers and howls are coming from all around; it is scary, because you are walking in darkness; darkness in this sense is exploring the unknown.
Marketing Products
In the past people used to trust newspapers, journals, televisions, today, people do trust in outcomes, product trials, performance indicators, awards and more importantly personal experience. We listen to people who talk; that simple; so if you want to market about a product, you better start talking.
Marketing Products
Enough with the introduction, here are my humble comments about how to market a product, efficient way, of course what I am telling is a philosophy, the way of thinking to achieve it instead of x number ways.
Marketing Products
1. Make the product good. This is possible by design and engineering, bad products do not deserve marketing efforts, as that would be a loss of money and time. I suggest all companies to first focus on how to make the product or service they offer a better one.
2. Make the brand good. I do not say big. This is a big confusion; it is not important that your brand is known by six billion people. It is important that it is known by the stakeholders. Therefore do not advertise randomly, but focus on the target channels.
3. Communicate the good points. You must tell why your product is good; either through demonstration, by testing, or by explanation. If your product has a non-visible point, how do you expect customers to figure it out? Tell them what differences it has.
4. Listen for bad points. Each product has some sort of issue that does not work quite well, checkout what others doing to fix these issues, and try to improve. It is important that consumers can be at many times misleading; if you ask them, they would potentially want a product diamond covered hammer that costs 7.95 dollars. Don't follow the consumers, lead them.
5. Support the customers, make sure that they are happy with the product, usually it is much easier to have a satisfied customer work twice with you than convert a new one. Provide them updates, knowhow, and tools to connect with each other.
6. Avoid evil. Do not do things that harm society, people or whatever, not just because they are evil, but from a purely logical point of view, your competitors will point them out; they will use the media to bash you. So, it is of your interest to be good.
7. Start talking about your product or service, and push others to do it. Do not start fast, slowly over time; Slowly because at first, there will be a lot of bad points, you fix them, and turn these negatives into positives, and keep talking.
Marketing Products
8. Advertise, small. Do not over-advertise, do it to reach the relevant target base, but definitely do it. It is best to pull people, then push them to buy a product.
9. Create complimentary products and services. Make sure that you satisfy your consumers needs. If you are selling an hammer, why not sell nails as well? This will help you reduce the costs of reach; because you are already reaching nail customers when you are trying to sell them hammers.
10. Create value. Is your hammer safer to use? Is it more durable? Is it more convenient? If not, just make it better. Otherwise, marketing a commodity is the most stupid thing ever, people will just buy the cheaper one.
Marketing Products
11. Have it available. It is possible that you have a good product but no one could find it. Make sure that people could actually buy it.
12. Have it learn-able. If people are searching for your product, they should be able to find at least 100 pages of content regarding your product.
14. Improve it over-time. Every year new technologies do arise, new materials come and new ways of serving consumers is possible. If you are not improving, you are degrading.
Marketing Products
15. Love the work. Thus, make things that are lovely. Imagine a little red heart at the base of each hammer, is not it cute (a bit psycho agreed) but what I mean is that the details matter, make sure that your product has something different, something lovely.
16. Think, what you would need as a customer, watch people, and try to (not force yourself to) satisfy the needs, perhaps you do not need to sell them a hammer, but self-adhesive frame stickers; if you know what people do with your hammers, you will succeed better. So these are my insights so far, hope works for you.

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