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20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs

20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs

As a designer, you can have your own designs produced without having any company to actively buying your work. Be your own manufacturer using these services!

In general designers are the creative people, create their own ideas into real world things. The only one thing that create the design good to the great is mindset of the designer. the designer with good prospective towards what he/she creating, by adding one extra percentage of caring, dedication, excellence, inspiration, vision towards the end product give the output with the great work of art.
If you got this question in your mind that Where are these designers??Well for this I have a simple answer, designers are everywhere the person who reading this, maybe he/she is a designer with hidden talent .To transform your art into the reality of what you love you don’t need to be called as a designer, you don’t need any special titles to create your thoughts, no external fore will not stop you to create what you want to create unless you are not putting your efforts in to the work of actions.
What if the designer with lack of inspiration to create beautiful things?
If you create your own ideas to the beautiful things, if you have that one extra percentage of perception towards what you need, then the following list of websites is for you.

Stop hiring and Start designing.

You own your company? And you want to sell yourself to the people instead of the product you created as a marketing strategy you need great business card to show off yourself, in past if you faced so many problems with your business card in terms of design, model, quality, this time you want to create the great business card stop hiring the designer start thinking about your business card because you know want you want and what your customer wants, once you done with the initial idea go to this MOO and make your idea to the reality.
MOO gives your idea to the life, it can improvise your idea to a bigger extent, and you can design your cards in different shapes, papers and with unique features, with this MOO provides the unique templates to sharpen your thoughts. Moo not only provides the business cards it provides the different type of customized Stickers, books, letterheads, envelops also. If you are creative person you can print different verities of business cards in a pack of cards also. You don’t need to worry about the delivery MOO promises the next day delivery what are you looking for go and design your business card and reach you potential customer easily.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Vistaprint ( is a complete meal for the creative minds, if you want to create your personalized items, visa print is the right place for your creative thoughts. Vistaprint operating in more than 120 countries with good consumer satisfaction. With visa print you can design your printed apparels, photo gifts, photo calendars, photo gifts, stationery items, labels, T-shirts. Vistaprint not only belongs to limited categories, you can create whatever you want with this vistaprint in customized way. If you are a good designer you can create your own, if you don’t have time to design your things just browse from the vistaprint designs, if you are not satisfied with the given designs you can hire the expert to do your graphic design. Finally if you want to create your customized versions of your products vistaprint is a right place for you.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Emachineshop ( provides the custom machine parts which are economical and efficient one. Emachineshop provides the services of leaser cutting, 3D printing ,CNC Turning, Metal Fabrication, CNC Milling and many more services. With the Emachineshop you can work anywhere on your own time and produce the parts you have dreamed up. The powder coating of the Emachineshop gives the perfect and professional look for your machine parts. Emachineshop assist you to design your parts very quickly, accurately, fastly.
Emachineshop reduces the efforts of yours to go international to get your services, no need to go with the physical drawings, it reduces the efforts, time of the designers. Try out this good website for your customized machine parts.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Razorlab ( )
The Razorlab transform your idea to the laser cut parts. You can get your laser cutting in 3 simple steps
1) Get an idea
2) Prepare your design with inkscape, corelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator
3) Upload your design
Just like your part is over. Razorlab will take care of remaining part. The advantage of Razorlab is you can choose the material you want to cut from the material section.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Lulu( is an online book publishing platform, if you have your own idea to publish your own book and wants to reach the customers lulu is the perfect place for you. With lulu you can create your book and publish and sell that book for free in a single platform. Lulu providing the good quality of services to the publishers to publish and sell in a navigable way. Lulu provides the platform you to promote your books in amazon, iBookstore and many more selling platforms. lulu removes the hurdle of book publishing in a matter of clicks. If you follow this simple steps your book is ready to read write, edit, publish, print that’s it. Lulu provides the online learning resources to guide you to get started.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
i.materialise ( is not only an online printing service it’s more that. You can upload the design, print the products and you can sell them online in a single roof. imaterialise gives the platform to learn about the 3D printing ,3D design for the starters. If you are good at designing you can participate in the design challenges to win the prizes, you can participate in the forum to meet your fellow designers, to share your ideas. Even if you don’t know how to design the things don’t worry you can hire the designer here. If you are looking for the 3D products or if you want to buy the 3D products, imaterialise has the huge collection of 3D products in different categories like home decor, jewelry, fashion, games, and gadgets.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Stratasys ( an online one stop destination for your product printing in 3D.stratasys provides the Solutions for the manufacturing such as Tooling, Injection Molding, Production Parts, Finishing Processes, Strategic consulting. Stratasys not only providing the solutions to the specific sectors, it providing the solutions in the field of automotive, architecture, consumer products, aerospace and defense and many more. Stratasys is number one provider of 3D printers with the different Technological evolutions. The uniqueness of the Stratasys includes you can explore the widest range of materials in the 3D printing world.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Edmva ( is an electronic design & manufacturing service provider. The services of the edmva most include PCB assembly, design, build, testing, coating &potting, prototyping, with this edmva provides the Engineering support and supply chain management to the customers. If you are looking for the PCB sevices like design, boxing, assembly, testing, Edmava is the perfect place for you.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Sculpteo ( is a hassle free 3D printing service online. Sculpteo prints your best ideas without any hassles.Your digital product becomes the physical object with few simple steps with the sculpteo.just upload your 3D design, sculpteo prints that design and delivers to you, by three simple steps your products will shape a real form. Sculpteo not only providing the 3D printing services it provides the laser cutting in 60+ variations all you need to do is choose the material type and upload your workflow and color codes get the quote from the Sculpteo and your product will be delivered in 3days.The advantage of the Sculpteo is it doesn’t have any restrictions about the minimum order and Sculpteo charge only for the material you need that means no waste. If you are searching for the service like this Sculpteo is the perfect match for you.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Createspace ( byproduct of the Amazon. Createspace providing the services to the individual authors who wants to write publish their own books, Createspace eliminating the hurdles of the publisher, press, distribution and many more, with Createspace you can start your own setup and you can start your own book. If you are not sure about what you want to start, you can get the advice from the publishing advice tool. In Createspace you can keep in touch with the other publishing experts also. Createspace providing the design, editing, marketing services for the users. You can distribute your stuff in amazon, eStore, Kindle also. Createspace is not only for the book authors it’s for the musicians and filmmakers also, with the help of the Createspace you can get the millions of the potential listeners. If you are an independent author or musician or filmmaker Createspace is so much mean to you.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
3Dsystems ( is an advanced digital manufacturing website provides the innovative way of manifesting services to the customers, the services offered by the 3Dsystems includes the 3Dprinters, materials, manufacturing ,software. The unique way of on demand manufacturing with the instant online quoting helps the customers to get the quote online and manufacturing done within customer specific on demand basis.3Dsystems are very good at 3D content –to-print Solutions, with the help of the platform provided by the 3Dsystems anyone can scan, design, modify, inspect and print the content online in 3D.3Dsystems provides the scan-based design, mechanical design, freedom design categories.3Dsystems learning center provides learning resources to the customers to know about the different 3D printing technologies and more, finally the 3Dsystems are the perfect one stop destination for your 3Dprinting and on demand manufacturing services.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Akaar( Sanskrit refers the shape. The name itself giving the information about Akaar, Akaar is all about shaping your thoughts and ideas into reality. Akaar mostly operates in the India with good reputation of providing the laser cutting, 3Dprinting, CNC Routing, Metal Fabrication, Acrylic Fabrication and many more services, with the akaar you will get the work to be done in time. Akaar is an complete pack of all the services in the field of 3Dprinting.Akaar providing the Instant quote to your orders, the unique way of odering in the akaar gives the customers come again this website to get the things done, just select the material, thickness, color, square ft. and upload your design and enter your basic information like phone number and your address you are done with the ordering. Your ordered products will be delivered to your doorstep without any problems.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Shapeways ( a leading 3D printing service and the market place for the creative designers, opportunities with the shapeways is enormous. People can get involve in the community of the creative people, artists, inventors, designers. Shapeways providing the forums for the introductions,3D design and many more, with the shape ways you can generate and sell the real life products. Most importantly you can open your own shop in the shapeways to display your products and sell on the marketplace. Shapeway helps your products to reach the global market.If you don’t know how it works shapeways helps you to design your products by providing the useful tutorials.shapeways not only the selling place, you can shop in shapeways by different categories like art, Jewelry, games, gifts and many more. Shapeways is the perfect choice for the designers and sellers who wants to open their own shop and sell online. The customers, who are looking for the good and beautiful products to buy shapeways is the good choice to recommend.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Makexyz ( is also one of the online 3Dprinting platform, Most of the services provided by the Makexyz is on demand. All you need to do is upload your model and you will get the instant price for that model. The interesting part of the makexyz is, it will help you to design something new or duplicating the parts. Makexyz also takes the bulk order and fulfills in time. If you need the designer that designs your models, Makexyz designs your 3Dmodel in 48hours and delivers to you in form of STL file, with STL file you get your 3Dparts printed.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Vectorealism ( is an Italian based laser cutting and 3DPrinting service. You can start your setup with in 2euros itself, when you upload the design you will get the instant quoting price. Vectorealism are proving the good services to the customers it can deliver your printed products with in 10days or if you want it quick they have another option of overnight with this option your product will be delivered in 48hours.Vectoralism has different product categories like MDF, Metal, PETG, Plywood, cork, cardboard, Felt etc… Vectoralism providing the wide range of materials to print your design, the material includes Alumide, Black Resin, Blue Ceramic, Pale Blue ceramic and many more. The vectorealism will help happy to help you when you need help to choose the material and the category to print the designs.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
lasergist ( a perfect choice for the people who are looking professional look for your product design, lasergist offer your design to be laser-cut with the stainless steel material. lasergit offers you the free shipping worldwide it’s a good advantage for the customer who are looking for international design cuts.lasergist does not have any restrictions on the minimum orders. All you need to do is design your model in one of the famous tools and upload your design and see how much it costs and ignite your design takes form that it.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
The unique style of You3dit that differentiate the another website that providing the same services to the customers, in You3dit the customers will describe what they want to design and designers will take the look of customer needs and they submit the concepts for customer dream designs and the customer have the flexibility to choose the favorite design. If you are a good designer you also become a designer in you3dit, in the next phase you3dit will help you to find the local fabricator that reduces your efforts of communication with the manufactures and the fabricators and also it will reduce the cost of the fabrication by finding the local fabricators that near you, in the final process the fabricators will bring your design to life.You3dit provides the different project references also to help the designers to shape their ideas.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Protolabs ( pioneer in the field of prototyping services and the low volume production, the services offered by the protolabs is very fast you will get your prototype and the production parts get ready in 1day.protolabs mainly providing the 3D printing services, CNC machining and injection molding. Protolabs also providing the resources for you to design the things better, it providing the resources like industry-insights, glossary, whitepapers, design-aids and materials also. The unique way of 3D printing gives the much colorful look to the products it includes the stereo. Lithography, selective laser sintering, direct metal laser sintering gives much life the products.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Snijlab ( is an online laser cutting and digital fabrication service, snijlab is an FSC certified website that means snijlab can deliver your products and materials with FSC certification, that means your products will getting the more value by adding the FSC certificate to that certificate. Snijlab providing the different payment options to reduce the hassle free way of payments. In order to get you products all you need to do is one thing just upload your CAD drawing and order online, the pricing starts from 10euro.Snijlab providing the laser cutting and fabrication with different materials like wood, plastics, cardboard and various materials, snijlabs guarantees you the fast delivery mostly within 5days.
20 websites to inspire you to design your own designs
Ponoko ( is the biggest platform in the field of laser cutting and engraving. Ponoko providing the different services to the customers like it has more than 100+ material to choose and design. The templates providing by the ponoko helps the people to design quick and fast. The unique feature of the ponoko is the costing, the pricing for the product cutting starts from the $1 and customer has the choice to make 1 or 100000 itself, the delivery time for your product is very fast some times on the same day itself.Ponoko has the largest base of designers, these designers will turn your 2D vector designs into real products by laser cutting and engraving, The feature of Just in time need, helps the customers and business people to reduce the cost of wastage and costing, that means you don’t spend a cent until your designs and price is just right. You will get the instant quotes for you products based on your designs, if you are not happy with quote you have freedom to change your design and recalculate your quote, whenever you are satisfied with your quote you can order the products ponoko will transform your digital designs into the real products. You are not sure about where to start ponoko is the best choice for your designs and dreams.

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