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Publish Your Design Article and Get Paid

Publish Your Design Article and Get Paid

Are you an accomplished and creative writer who could write in proper English? Can you choose an image for your article? Can you take photos? Can you write about Design?

We are looking for fluent and creative writers to provide content for the DesignAmid Magazine. DesignAmid magazine features original articled in design and lifestyle niches and the publication is oriented towards a creative, educated audience. Proper English is a must. Articles must be original and well-written. All articles should pass plagiarism filters and checkers.
The overall topic of the DesignAmid magazine is Design and Lifestyle. We are especially interested in publishing articles related to Design, Architecture and Arts. Creativity, Innovation and Engineering topics are also considered, yet all topics must relate to Design. For other subjects and disciplines outside Design, Arts, Architecture, Creativity, Innovation fields, the writers must find a way to connect with Design in order to get published.
Publish Your Design Article and Get Paid
Writers should not plagiarize or copy-paste from other blogs, when quoting, sentences must be paraphrased. Successful candidates must be able to come up with interesting topics related to design or writers should be able to research and reflect on specific design related topics that we might want to feature. Writers should also be able to use image editing software and must be able to browse and find public domain images that can be used together with their articles as described below.
Each article on DesignAmid magazine must contain: 1. One (1) Cover Image, 2. Title: A Heading, 3. Description: A Short Sub-Heading, 4. Twenty (20) Short Paragraphs, 5. 1500 Words or more., 6. Five to Ten (5-10) Tags or Keywords, 7. Link to our sponsor company., 8. References or Bibliography., 9. Three (3) Conceptual images.
CATEGORY : You choose the category from a select list. Please choose the best category that matches the topic of your article. Your category choice is important to help our audience get suggested articles and topics when they finish reading your article. In another sense, this is the overall and general scope of your article; i.e. it is what we you talking about.
ARTICLE TITLE : It is a Short Heading, the title of the article; it is a one sentence summary of what the article is about. The Article Title should preferably between 5 to 12 words; not so short not so long. In SEO Terms, this is the TITLE Tag. A good and catchy article title makes the article interesting and appealing.
DESCRIPTION: Description is a a Short Sub-Heading which is a brief sentence summary, abstract of the article. The length is like a tweet; Ideally around 12 - 24 words, less than 140 characters. In SEO Terms, this is the META DESCRIPTION Tag, and is the summary of the article for search engines to index however it must be an eye-catching phrase. We do care that the description is good and to the point.
KEYWORDS : These are 5-10 Tags or Keywords related to article. It is important that the keywords written at this section are mentioned in the article paragraphs. In SEO Terms, this is the META KEYWORDS Tag and is essential. You should fill this section at beginning of the article so that you would have anchor points to discuss and refer to while writing your article.
PARAGRAPH 1 : This is your opening paragraph of the article. It must be the introduction to the subject. It could cover the importance of topic, how it relates to the readers (i.e. Architects, Designers and Artists) and why this topic is worth talking about. A good opening paragraph makes the article a good read, and gets shared more often. This is around 60-72 words i.e. 3 or 5 small sentences.
PARAGRAPHS 2 to 19 : These are development or informative paragraphs, providing in depth information regarding the topic in a structured way. Some writers might use the second paragraph to provide the scope of the article, and likewise the nineteenth article could be conclusive. These are also around 60-72 words i.e. 3 or 5 small sentences.
PARAGRAPH 20 : This is a conclusion, a wrap up of the article. It is a summary of findings, statements, points. It re-highlights the key points in the discussed topic, and remind the readers why the topic was discussed as an article. It connects to the evidence and information given in the article; to the topic. The conclusion paragraph is also around 60-72 words i.e. 3 or 5 small sentences.
To assess your suitability we need you to complete a simple test of writing a (1) sample article on our blog as described above, your articles must be “approved and published” after being checked by our editor Frank Scott. After passing this test, we will need you to publish (and get approved) 7 more articles. To take the test, register to our magazine and submit your first article here :
You will receive notifications regarding your submissions. Take your time for the articles, we prefer quality and original content where you demonstrate your creative writing skills. Payments will be made after each article is approved and published on our homepage. Please bid or let us know the price for a single article. DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded in advance that the ownership of articles and published content will be transferred to DesignAmid Magazine, and our editors will be able to make changes to your article, including updating text, and links. Especially for paid articles, a sponsor link could be used or. Furthermore, our articles are syndicated, distributed and published at our network sites, so editing will not be possible once the articles are published.
Publish Your Design Article and Get Paid
COVER : Each article on our design blog must contain a Cover Image to match the article, which you must crop 600 x 600 pixels if you would do the cover design. This image must be a public domain or it must be an image you take. The cover image is simply the title text written on a nice looking background with DesignAmid watermark. The background image can taken from to ensure it is a public domain image. Alternatively the background image could be a photo you take yourself. Use the WaterMark at to add our logo. Type your title, and make it a Cover. Export as JPG. Check other DesignAmid articles to see how covers look. You must do a special cover design for each article. If you cannot do the cover, that is okay, simply choose a good image and add its URL to References or Bibliography section so that we could do the cover for your article.
REFERENCES OR BIBLIOGRAPHY : For this section, enter your article references one at a line. For references use APA format if possible. In addition, for the images you choose for the cover of the article and for the paragraphs, please put their URLs to the references section. You can enter up to 40 references to this section.
ARTICLE LENGTH & IMAGES : Each article should be around 1500 Words. Your article can be longer in length, but should not be shorter. You should submit at least 3 more images for your paragraphs. Images must be taken from MorgueFile or other public domain sources. Images must match the overall theme, they too could be photographs that you take personally.
It is a good idea to use a word processor to type in and save the article before submitting it through DesignAmid interface. This way, you could get auto-corrections for any typos and also your article will be safely saved so that in case online submission fails, you do not need to retype. Please be reminded that all article rights will be transferred to DesignAmid magazine when you submit us an article this way. The fee per article is usually decided via private communication or during article calls. To receive our calls, remember to become a registered member of our website. Registration is free of charge.
DesignAmid articles are almost academic; remember to indicate your sources and references when typing the articles. The only expectation of not providing reference is reserved for authors who are writing in their niche for which they had formal training for; i.e. a licensed architect could write about architecture without references, that is okay for us. Otherwise, we believe references are useful also to guide our audience.
Contents could be checked for Copyscape or other mechanisms to ensure the content is valid. We also regularly search random sentences within the article to check the originality and ingenuity of the submitted text. We are especially looking for informative articles. If you do not have a specif topic, choose from our category list while submitting articles. You can write about any subject that might be considered useful, comprehensive and educative about design.
Publish Your Design Article and Get Paid
We are interested in publishing articles about : 1. Designing a particular type of product, service or project. 2. Design tools, news and opportunities, including software. 3. Design Events, Conferences and Symposiums. 4. Scientific Papers in Design, Academic Design Related Publications and Works, Original Design Research 5. Design and Topic Specific Articles etc. Looking forward for all good articles!

This article was added on Monday, 27th of January, 2014 at 06.44 am by author Frank Scott Tags: design article, article writing, earn by writing articles, get paid to write, talk about it. Read our copyright policy here.


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