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Create the best profile images for press and media

Create the best profile images for press and media

Learn how to create the best profile photographs for distributing to press and media members, for inclusion in press kits and to publish at social networks.

This article has especially been written considering designers, architects and artists on mind, but of course could relate to anybody. The article discusses how to create the best profile photographs for distributing to press and media members, for inclusion in press kits and to publish at social networks. The profile image creation is especially very important for your face-brand.
So what is your face brand is and how much does it worth? Your face is unique, your face represents you, and therefore your face is your bio-logo. Your face is the representation of your identity, and your brand, and it has a natural value that you can use or improve. This value is your face-brand. For example, consider the faces of movie actors, their face brand is so high that companies would pay millions of dollars to feature them in their ads or movies. For politicians, face-brand means more votes, and for designers, face-brand is more mentions, more designs sold.
Face-brands are owned by designers, artists, architects, movie stars, singers, politicians, and any other important person who is known by the society. It is up to you to improve the value of your face-brand, and to improve it you must have a good profile image. A good profile photograph is the key to success and the source of your face-brand. It must be professional, but more importantly, it must be correct.
Create the best profile images for press and media
The best profile image is a bust. The bust image is the representation of the upper part of the human figure, depicting a person's head and neck, as well as a variable portion of the chest and shoulders. The bust profile images are usually most successful and remarkable during communication and therefore are widely preferred by the press members.
Therefore to ensure that your face-brand would spread further, you must use a bust image. The bust image is also mandatory for many platforms. Full-body images are not suitable for face-brand creation and therefore should be avoided. However, full-body images could sometimes be useful in order to market teams rather individuals. Yet, further solutions still do exist.
Create the best profile images for press and media
Golden rules of a good bust profile image is as follows: 1. High-Contrast. 2. Grayscale Compatibility. 3. Good Positioning. 4. Non-filtered, Non-altered. 5. White Background, 6. Accessory Usage. 7. Scale, 8. Sharp, 9. Smile. 10. Updated, 11. Attire. If you use and follow these rules and suggestions, your profile image will work great and help you achieve a face-brand that you could use.
Your profile image must have high-contrast. Meaning that you and the background must have a good contrast through selection and use of contrast - opposite colors; if the background is white, you should wear dark colors, if background is black, you should wear light colors. The contrast is especially important to ensure that you look healthier and your image is more visible and sharp looking.
Furthermore, your image must be grayscale compatible. When your photo is converted to black and white or grayscale, your image must be still good looking after the conversion, this is possible by having a high-contrast and bright initial image. If your photograph has similar colors, after the grayscale conversion it will not be good looking and therefore not appealing.
Create the best profile images for press and media
When taking the photo shots, your head should preferably be centered on canvas. Furthermore, there should be slight margins and paddings on the image to ensure that editors could slightly edit or cut the image based on their preferences. Thus, the image should depict not just the bust, but a bit zoom-out version of the bust so that the right bust-image could be cropped.
After creating bust photographs and images, some people like to have their visuals extensively edited and altered using image processing programs. While in some cases, image enhancement might be useful, extensive and over-image enhancement makes your image fake looking, not trustable and perhaps repulsive. Do not use filters or after effects; try to have natural looking photographs as much as possible. Yet still, you can still use limited amount of image editing to improve image quality, contrast, brightness, sharpness and for occasional covering of spots or photography errors and particles.
Using a white-background is especially important for your profile images. Using a white-background helps press to easily embed your images to their articles, thus increasing the chances your profile images would be used. Furthermore, color photographs with white backgrounds can be easily converted into grayscale images and they usually provide higher-contrast ratios which is preferred by press and media members.
Create the best profile images for press and media
Accessory usage, such as glasses, hats and others could also be important for your profile image. However, for an effective look it is best to ensure that your face is fully visible. While glasses are widely accepted as an item to provide positive decoration of the face even though they decrease face visibility, hats are not as desired since they cloak a great portion of the body, including hairs. Extensive jewelry is also not suggested.
The scale of the image is important. Preferably, the profile images must be high-resolution no matter what. This means that your image should be suitable for printing in large sizes, such as cover images of magazines. To have higher-resolution images, it is best to take bust shots instead of cropping the face from full body shots which decreases the resolution. Take photos with a high-resolution, professional photo-camera with right focus.
Having a good focus is important. Blurred profile images, pixelated head shots are useless in any condition. The best way to ensure that your image would be sharp and well-focused is to work with a professional photographer. Like your logo, having a profile image is important and takes time and efforts. Remember to wear high-contrast before going to photographer; use fabric that creates contrast with your skin color.
Create the best profile images for press and media
Another important element of your photo shot is the confident smile and look. For a professional image, do not make crazy faces, political signs or super-serious unhappy mimics. Having a smile on your photo, is almost always positive. When having your photographs taken, listen to photographer or otherwise try to look slightly right above the camera to ensure a better head posture.
Ensure that your photographs are updated. Do not send photographs that are over 5 years of age. Especially if you are a young designer, you should most preferably submit your latest photos. Photos taken years ago have the following issues: They are outdated for the attire, hair-style, accessories and furthermore they are usually less advanced technically since image capturing technologies improve every year.
Finally, your attire is very important. Try to have a respectful image. Being formal is usually safe, try to look modern and contemporary in the images by wearing costumes that are simple yet elegant. For your profile image, try to have your best modern look. Stay away from sports costumes, informal clothing. For designers, the traditional black look is quite okay and widely accepted. For man, wearing a jacket looks good.
A photography session for having your profile image taken can take up to an hour. Before going to a photographer, try to wear high-contrast and take some extra clothes with you. If you are a women, have the make-up applied. If you are man, have your hair styled. Furthermore, ensure that your photographer will give you all rights to your photo and permit unlimited usage of your photograph in any medium.
Ensure your photographs are not rotated right, left or upside-down (Some programs could auto rotate your digital images). When submitting to artistic magazines, it is best to have grayscale images. Ensure your photograph are not scaled-up. (Some photo-cameras use digital scaling to save high-resolution images, however these result in pixelated images instead.). The most preferred format is Jpeg, remember to save your images as high-quality jpeg files.
Create the best profile images for press and media
This article tried to cover how to have a good profile image. To remind you once more, your profile image is your face-brand; it has value that you can improve and use. Having the face-brand allows you privileges in locations that you are known, helps you to meet more people and get featured even more. Book a studio meeting with your photographer, or have your photographer friend take your shots.

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