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Industrial Design
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Out of the Salon In the Design
The Fuorisalone 2016: Shape, Material and Innovation. / The line Stranded is set as objective that of reinventare the chandeliers through the use of materials and different forms from the imaginary commune of lamapada. The line Stranded is produced ›
Fuorisalone's freedom (2016, Milan)
Fuorisalone of Milan is characterized by its total freedom of expression, starting from furniture to home furnishings to the most extravagant solutions for the reuse of waste materials. In this article I have collected some of the exhibits that impre ›
Salone del Mobile 2016: to the search of the good design.
Often in the immensity of the saloon he finds it hard to gather the good design, this it is a modest look to the search of the true design. / This is Mark's Covi Saya produced by the Arper. The basic model has the legs in chromed steel and strik ›
The paradox of the material
A gallery on the conventional and non use of the material. / At the same time of the Salone del Mobile 2016, which is held in Milan April 12 to 17 2016, Via Tortona Back Space hosts the "Flooring Week 2016" designed by Italian Association A ›
Also this year Tortona surprises with new ideas. The living area provides for the week of Fuorisalone many projects and exhibitions for everyone. For this event,which attracts a lot of people every year, Tortona has passed the test also this time. / ›
A Design Pot-pourri in Milan
From 04/12 to 04/17 Milan became a mix of culture, design and art, thanks to the "Fuorisalone". / The Pavilion Citroën in Tortona introduces the concept of a remake of the iconic Citroën Mehari of 1968. The concept is based on the today& ›
The Furniture Fair closes year with record inflows of 372mila visitors , 4 % more than two years ago . Among industry experts and curious visitors the streets are always full in RHO . A lot of news: much study and work to always improve .. / Firms hi ›
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